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Cources name Duration
Bachelor in K.P.(B.K.P) 1 Year
Masters in K.P.(M.K.P) 1 year
Fellowship in K.P. (F.K.P., for doctorate degree) 6 MONTHS
Bachelor in K.P.(B.K.P)

The Bachelor course of K.P is the first step, to enter the world of Astrology. This course is sub-divided into two further sections:

A. Beginner B.K.P- Provides a vivid introduction to the world of Astrology,its Scientific and traditional progress, and the "Krishnamurti Padhyati". It includes two papers Calculative and Predictive, 100 marks each(Total-200 marks).

Admission Fee- Rs.1000 + Monthy Fees:Rs.500+Exam Fees:Rs.500

B. Advanced B.K.P- The main study of "Krishnamurti Padhyati" is provided in this section. It includes Calculative, Predictive and Applied Astrology of 100 marks each.(Total 300 marks)

Admission Fee- Rs.1000 + Monthy Fees:Rs.600+Exam Fees:Rs.500

The duration of the course is one year, six months for each section.

Masters in K.P.(M.K.P)

This section includes further study of six papers,100 marks for each paper(Total-600 marks) as follows:

1st paper-Vaastu,Palmistry and Numerology

2nd paper- Predictive Astrology

3rd paper-Applied Predictive

4th Paper- Horary

5th Paper-Medical Astrologydddd

6th paper-Professional Astrology

The duration of this course is one year.

Admission Fee- Rs.1000 + Monthy Fees:Rs.700 +Esam Fees:Rs.600

Fellowship in K.P. (F.K.P., for doctorate degree)

This is the final step before entering the professional world of Astrological exellence. Without this stage, the study is just incomplete.
This course is also sub divided into two divisions:
Compulsory division- It consists of the study of the fields of astrology in farthest detail, namely, Applied,Predictive,Vaastu, Palmistry,Medical Astrology, and Horary.
Thesis Division- In This Division the Student doesn't have to be a regular candidate,and would be charged no fees for this period. He/She would just have to submit the thesis, which would be on a particular topic from any of the above mentioned fields,and would recieve their Doctorate Certificate for the same.
The duration of this course is one year, six months each.
Two more fields of Astrology are being introduced to enhance further study- Faceology,Study of Body Language
Admission Fee- Rs.1000 + Monthy Fees:Rs.1000


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